Hunger with our food

From light bites such as hamburgers and sandwiches using Japanese bread,
carefully prepared French toast rich in flavour, to specialty souffle pancakes
made freshly with meringue batter upon order only.
A myriad selection of specialty coffees for any occasion, morning till evening.
A little special from selected country,
curated coffees, for a worldly experience at Takagi Coffee.

Best Curry of Kanda Curry Grand Prix

Seek for really delicious curry.
Begins with spices and spend time to broil for our wonderful MAJI CURRY that you can enjoy every day.
We won Kanda Curry Grand Prix, Tokyo in 2018 among 400 curry stores,
as the shortest in the past competition history, only 7 months after it opened.
And won again in latest Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2022 with same menu, Cheese Fondue Hamburg Curry Rice.