About our souffle pancakes

Our creation begins each morning by cracking hundreds of eggs by hand and manually separating the yolks and whites to ensure the freshness. We then carefully mix premium ingredients like Japanese wheat flour to make the meringue batter, and only the necessary amount to make pancakes upon order.
Following which, we cook gently and lightly over the professional griddle. A fluffy soufflé pancake is born. Millefeuille pancake that tastes best with butter and maple syrup and in addition to this flavour, we also offer a wide variety of products featuring fruits.
Our housemade whipped cream is blended with cream of different richness for the maximum enjoyment. Here, savour our handmade "soufflé", "meringue" and "nama cream" to the last drop. It is precisely because of this methodical kodawari that we can offer pancakes that cannot be imitated by others.

best paring for pancake

we serve our original pancake more than million pieces per year, and we recommend that the original blend coffee is the best pairing.